Please expect delays on all SETD routes especially in the Seaside and Cannon Beach area due to traffic. Call 503-861-7433, option 1 for more information.

Board of Commissioners

Kathy Kleczek - Board Chair
Position 3
Term Expiration: June 30, 2017

Kevin Widener - Vice Chair
Position 2
Term Expiration: June 30, 2017

Carol Gearin - Secretary/Treasurer
Position 6

Term Expiration: June 30, 2019

Tracy MacDonald - Board Member
Position 1

Term Expiration: June 30, 2019

Pamela Alegria - Board Member
Position 4
Term Expiration: June 30, 2017

Lylla Gaebel - Board Member
Position 5

Term Expiration: June 30, 2017

Jim Servino - Board Member
Position 7

Term Expiration: June 30, 2017

Executive Assistant - Mary Parker

Monthly Board Agendas and Minutes

Sunset Empire Transportation's monthly board meeting takes place the 4th Thursday of every month* at 9:00 am at the Astoria Transit Center, 900 Marine Drive, Astoria, OR 97103 The meeting is open to the public. *Occasionally a meeting may be cancelled or rescheduled due to conflicting schedules.

Sunset Empire Transportation's Mesa executive anuncia sus reunions mensuales cada cuarto jueves de cada mes* a las 9:00 am en el Centro de Transito de Astoria, 900 Marine Drive, Astoria, OR 97103 Esta reunion es abierta al publico. *De vez en cuando alguna reunion podra ser cancelado o cambiada de fecha por un conflicto de horarios.

Board of Commissioners Policies

Board Policy - Cover
Board Policy Manual - Introduction
Board Policy - Table of Contents
B-201 - Board Orientation
B-301 - Board Duties and Responsibilities
B-302 - Duties of the Board Chair
B-303 - Duties of the Vice Chair
B-304 - Duties of the Secretary- Treasurer
B-305 - Duties of the Clerk of the Board
B-306 - Board Governance
B-307 - Failure to Attend Meetings and Preform Duties
B-308 - Mid-Term Board Vacancy
B-309 - Political Endorsement
B-310 - Selection and Duties of Legal Counsel
B-311 - Selection of an Auditor
B-312 - Committees Policy
B-401 - Ethics Policy
B-402 - Definition of Public Official
B-403 - Guide for Public Officials
B-601 - Public Meetings policy
B-701 - Executive Director Role
B-702 - Executive Director Selection
B-703 - Executive Director Requirements
B-704 - Executive Director Evaluation
B-705 - Executive Director Action Without Policy
B-801 - Finance and Budget
B-802 - Formulation of the SETD and NWRC Budget and Budget Committee
B-803 - Administration of the Budget
B-805 - Purchase-Sale-Lease of Real Property
B-806 - Loans
B-807 - Audit
B-808 - Assets
B-809 - District Credit Cards
B-810 - Public Records
B-811 - Board Reimbursement
B-812 - Investment Policy
B-813 - Pre Loss Legal Counsel Consultation
B-814 - Legal Counsel Contract Review
B-901 - District Equipment Use Policy

Complete Board Policies

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