Please expect delays on all SETD routes especially in the Seaside and Cannon Beach area due to traffic. Call 503-861-7433, option 1 for more information.

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come ride with us:

Use our schedules to plan your trip or ask one of our Transit Center staff to assist you. Be prepared by arriving at the bus stop 5-10 minutes early. Bring the correct amount of cash to purchase tickets from the driver or you may purchase tickets at the Transit Center if you need change. Notify the driver that you are ready to get off by pulling the cord above your seat one block before your stop. Thank you for choosing public transportation.

flag stops:

Wherever possible, rider will board bus at a stop listed on the schedule. Drivers will not stop for riders in unsafe areas or within two blocks of the Transit Center. Due to safety issues, drivers will stop only at the listed stops on Marine Drive.

priority seating:

Priority seating is available for the elderly and disabled at the front of the bus. Ask driver for assistance.


ADA Paratransit Service is available for eligible riders who are not able to ride our fixed route system. For information and application call 503-861-7433; press Option #2.


Riders with a disability are allowed Personal Care Attendants to assists them in their transit trip at no charge.


Children age 6 and under ride free. Children age 9 and under must ride with an adult.

service animals:

Service animals are allowed on Sunset Empire Transportation buses.

bikes ride free:

Load bicycles on the rack on front of the bus. Rider must load, secure, and unload bike. If rack is full, up to two bikes can be brought on bus. Rider must have control of bike at all times. Mobility devices take priority and bikes will be moved to accommodate them.


Animals in pet carriers are allowed on the bus as long as they meet requirements:

  • A pet carrier can be no longer than 24” long by 18” wide by 20” high and must be a leak and escape proof carrier or container in fair condition with a hard plastic bottom.
  • Cardboard boxes, plastic bags, purses and back packs are not considered a container or carrier for a pet.
  • Rider must keep carrier closed at all times while on the bus.
  • Rider must be able to load and unload their pet carrier on the bus unassisted. Drivers will not assist the rider or use the lift for loading pets.
  • Sunset Empire Transportation bus drivers will use their discretion to remove a disruptive or out of control pet.
  • Riders will be responsible for any damage or soiling caused by their pet.
  • Carriers will remain on a rider’s lap or at their feet at all times and will not take up a seat nor block the aisles or doorways.

carry on:

Rider is allowed carry on—it must be held and kept in control—it cannot occupy a seat.

rider conduct:

Weapons, food/drink not in closed packaging, gasoline or other flammable liquids, firearms, lumber or large building material, vehicle batteries or propane tanks are not allowed on bus.

Electronic devices that play music or sound will be used with ear phones. Profanity, disruptive and vulgar behavior will result in being removed from the bus.

Smoking on the bus, inside the entrance of a bus, or within 20 feet of a bus shelter or public facility is against the law. Smoking in bus shelters will not be allowed. The entire Transit Center Plaza is a smoke free zone except in designated areas.


Sunset Empire Transportation District (SETD) operates its programs without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, age or disability in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, ORS Chapter 659A or other applicable law. For more information,call 503-861-5372 or email

no service:

Sunset Empire Transportation buses do not provide service on these holidays: New Years Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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