Please expect delays on all SETD routes especially in the Seaside and Cannon Beach area due to traffic. Call 503-861-7433, option 1 for more information.

Routes > Route 21 Weekday

Route 21 Weekday

Fare - $1.00
Runs Monday through Friday
Summer Route Only - June 15th through September 30th
Drivers Do Not Carry Change

 All SETD Buses are Wheelchair Accessible.

Download Schedule (PDF) | Download Map Flyer (PDF)

Les Shirley Park 11:00a 11:30a 12:00p 12:30p 1:00p 1:30p 2:00p 2:30p 3:00p 3:30p 4:00p 4:30p 5:00p 5:30p
Candy Kitchen 11:02a 11:32a 12:02p 12:32p 1:02p 1:32p 2:02p 2:32p 3:02p 3:32p 4:02p 4:32p 5:02p 5:32p
Coaster Theater 11:03a 11:33a 12:03p 12:33p 1:03p 1:33p 2:03p 2:33p 3:03p 3:33p 4:03p 4:33p 5:03p 5:33p
Midtown 11:05a 11:35a 12:05p 12:35p 1:05p 1:35p 2:05p 2:35p 3:05p 3:35p 4:05p 4:35p 5:05p 5:35p
Surfcrest Market 11:08a 11:38a 12:08p 12:38p 1:08p 1:38p 2:08p 2:38p 3:08p 3:38p 4:08p 4:38p 5:08p 5:38p
Tolovana 11:09a 11:39a 12:09p 12:39p 1:09p 1:39p 2:09p 2:39p 3:09p 3:39p 4:09p 4:39p 5:09p 5:39p
Maher & Hemlock 11:11a 11:41a 12:11p 12:41p 1:11p 1:41p 2:11p 2:41p 3:11p 3:41p 4:11p 4:41p 5:11p 5:41p
Brailier 11:12a 11:42a 12:12p 12:42p 1:12p 1:42p 2:12p 2:42p 3:12p 3:42p 4:12p 4:42p 5:12p 5:42p
Wayside Inn 11:14a 11:44a 12:14p 12:44p 1:14p 1:44p 2:14p 2:44p 3:14p 3:44p 4:14p 4:44p 5:14p 5:44p
Yukon 11:16a 11:46a 12:16p 12:46p 1:16p 1:46p 2:16p 2:46p 3:16p 3:46p 4:16p 4:46p 5:16p 5:46p
RV Park 11:20a 11:50a 12:20p 12:50p 1:20p 1:50p 2:20p 2:50p 3:20p 3:50p 4:20p 4:50p 5:20p 5:50p
Midtown 11:22a 11:52a 12:22p 12:52p 1:22p 1:52p 2:22p 2:52p 3:22p 3:52p 4:22p 4:52p 5:22p 5:52p
Visitor Center 11:24a 11:54a 12:24p 12:54p 1:24p 1:54p 2:24p 2:54p 3:24p 3:54p 4:24p 4:54p 5:24p 5:54p
Les Shirley Park 11:26a 11:56a 12:26p 12:56p 1:26p 1:56p 2:26p 2:56p 3:26p 3:56p 4:26p 4:56p 5:26p 5:56p