Alert: Riding the NW Connector and the Solar Eclipse

The Oregon Department of Transportation and State/County Emergency Management departments are all predicting a record number of vehicles on our roads before, during and after the upcoming eclipse.  Buses in Lincoln County nor the Coast to Valley Express will be able to run on eclipse day because of the expected traffic congestion.  Other NW Connector routes will be affected.  If you are planning to ride the bus August 18—22, please check your route for service disruptions by clicking on this website the transit district running your route:

Benton County

Columbia County Rider

Lincoln County

Sunset Empire Transportation

Tillamook County Transportation

Some of the buses have real time tracking to show where the buses are enroute.  We encourage planning ahead, as cell service may also be disrupted because of the volume of use.

For more information about the eclipse go to:

CC Rider to Adopt Plans

CC Rider will be looking to adopt the following two plans in mid-September.

The first Plan is the CCR Transit and Human Services Plan. This plan is designed to foster improved coordination between CC Rider and human services agencies used by residents of Columbia County.

The second Plan is the Master Plan for the five agency alliance providing transit services in NW Oregon. This plan has four appendices.

Please take a look at one or both plans and provide your comments to Michael Ray, Transit Administrator at:

A public hearing is preliminarily scheduled for September 20, 2017, at the Board of County Commissioners meeting.

CTP_CCR_20161024 (4)

Connector Management Plan_FINAL 10-21-16

Appendix A – Agency Data Reporting Form

Appendix B – Draft Policies

Appendix C – Policy Scan

Appendix D – Stakeholdder Survey


Eclipse Information

Sunset Empire Transportation District has announced that bus routes in Clatsop County may be delayed or cancelled due to the large amount of people traveling through the area to view the solar eclipse on August 21st. Executive Director Jeff Hazen said that “the Oregon Department of Transportation has predicted that those traveling on Oregon highways on the days before and after the solar eclipse, may experience the biggest traffic event in Oregon history and residents should prepare ahead for delays, cancellations or closures”.  Bus routes may be significantly delayed or cancelled if the highways in Clatsop County experience gridlock. We will issue press releases as necessary to announce any cancellations. You can also follow the District’s Facebook page or our website, for information on delays or cancellations. For more information call Jeff Hazen at 503-861-5399.

Board Vacancy

Sunset Empire Transportation District Board of Commissioners is seeking candidates for a position on the Board that will become vacant effective August 31, 2017.

This is an at large position so any registered voter in Clatsop County is eligible to apply.  This appointment will be  active until June 30, 2019.  The position will be up for election in May of 2019.  The Baord meets monthly on the 4th Thursday of each month at 9:00am at the Astoria Transit Center.

To be considered for the position, the Board requests that interested candidates submit a letter of interest expressing your willingness to serve on the Board.  Please include your stated desire as to why you should be considered.  Also, please provide a brief biography or resume along with your letter of interest.

Please submit your documents to:

SETD, Attn: Kthy Kleczek, Board Chairperson

900 Marine Dr. 

Astoria, OR 97103

Deadline for receipt of documents is September 20th at 5:00pm.  The Board will be interviewing candidates at its September 28th Board Meeting.


Service for Solar Eclipse August 21st


Date:              August 11, 2017

To:                  LOCAL MEDIA       

From:             CATHY BOND, TCTD Marketing Coordinator

Subject:        Preparing for the Solar Eclipse

Two words of advice for WAVE riders during the days leading up to the total solar eclipse and the August 21st event:  planning and patience.

There may be as many as one million visitors who gather along a 90-mile wide band of territory across Oregon called the path of totality, which is the prime viewing spot for the eclipse, including the southern area of Tillamook County.

Since the Coast will be the first area people can witness the eclipse an estimated 50,000 people may be visiting or passing through Tillamook County. That means heavy traffic and inevitable delays for bus routes.

“We’ll get you there, but we just don’t know how fast,” said Cathy Bond, TCTD Marketing Coordinator for the WAVE.  “We have a great new transit app called Swiftly.  This allows riders to select a route and get real-time information on when the bus will arrive and the schedule for the day.  During the eclipse, riders can track the bus directly as calling the office may be a problem if cell service gets limited as anticipated.”  To download the app, visit

The WAVE anticipates visitors will begin arriving several days before the August 21st eclipse, which falls on a Monday.  The WAVE will travel its normal routes the week before the eclipse and on eclipse day.  However, like on a snow day, slow traffic will cause buses to run late.  Meanwhile, the large influx of traffic expected for the eclipse may result in extreme delays.  WAVE riders should plan ahead and catch an early bus and avoid waiting until the last possible route trip. Clogged roads will likely have transit users and motorist alike stuck in gridlock. Catching a bus ride might be less frustrating than driving, but it won’t be any faster.

The Oregon Office of Emergency Management advises all Oregonians to be prepared for crowds, lines and traffic. The agency suggests having snacks, water and first aid supplies on hand. Emergency planners also recommend buying groceries and running other errands well before the August 21st eclipse.  Cellular phone service may also be disrupted because of the crowds. Of course, no one can say with certainty if eclipse-related problems will be serious or a minor inconvenience; but be prepared.

For more information about the eclipse go to:

Changes for Line 2 – PCC Rock Creek

Riders of Line 2 – PCC. On Monday, August 21st, PCC campuses are closed due to the Eclipse. Line 2 – PCC Rock Creek will still be running.

Also, from August 14 thru September 14, Line 2 will detour around construction on NW 185th Ave. Line 2 will take a left on Kaiser Road, then right on Springville to the PCC Campus.

New Para-transit Vans

SETD recently took delivery of 2 new Ford Transit Vans for its Para-transit service through RideAssist.  These vans were purchased with STF funds (Special Transportation Funds), a State of Oregon funding program.  The addition of these 2 vehicles will help increase our capacity for those qualified individuals that are unable to ride on our regular fixed routes.